Cammy's Delivery Service


Welcome, to all things Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki related :3


This is run by Cole & Tammy, hence “Cammy”.

The url “cammyo” is a spin-off of the movie “Ponyo”.

The title “Cammy’s Delivery Service” is based off of the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, loosely based off the novel of the same name by Eiko Kadono.

We’re both in the same math class at our high school and found we both had a love for Studio Ghibli and by extention, Hayao Miyazaki. We’re going to start making gifs soon and all that stuff but we’re still in our infancy.

Feel free to submit any ideas you have. Our ask box is open and have a great day!

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